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Justintime Supporting Living

At Justintime Healthcare, we work with adults, young adult and children with learning and physical disabilities, sensory and communication impairments, and other health needs. In partnership with several notable councils, social landlords in West Yorkshire (including Bradford) and other healthcare professionals, we provide a wide range of care services to support people to live happily, safe and well.

Our care services supports individuals to live within their own home and deliver care in a way and at a time that they want and need it. We can offer from an hour to a 24 hour intensive support package.

home care with care giver and user in wheel chair
carer supporting a woman with mobility assistance during home care service
What we offer

Supported Living Services

We aim to support service users to develop the skills they need to live independently and be part of their local community. We liase with social landlords to provide support to securing a home if required or ensuring we provide support to maintain their tenancy agreement.

We also support with opportunities around employment, education, or leisure wherever possible as well as correspondence and decision making. We provide services for individuals within the following groups:

  • Learning disability.
  • Physical disability.
  • Dementia.
  • People who misuse drugs and alcohol.
  • People with an eating disorder.
  • Autistic spectrum condition disorder.
  • Sensory and communication  impairment.
  • Mental health needs.
  • Challenging behaviour.
  • Acquired brain injuries including  stroke.
  • Complex health needs.
  • Age related needs.
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Who Benefits From the Supported Living?

Elderly Seeking Companionship

Justintime Socials is an ideal choice for seniors looking to engage with a vibrant community, make new friends, and participate in activities that bring joy and fulfillment to their lives.

Individuals Facing Mental Health Challenges

Those navigating mental health challenges find a supportive environment at Justintime Socials, where understanding peers and a diverse range of activities contribute to their emotional well-being.

Individuals with Learning Disabilities

We provides a welcoming space for individuals with learning disabilities to connect, share experiences, and enjoy activities tailored to their interests, fostering a sense of inclusion and community.

Supported living

Transformative Benefits for All

Inclusive Connections

We bring together diverse individuals, fostering a sense of community among the elderly, those with mental health challenges, and individuals with learning disabilities. This inclusive space nurtures understanding and support.

Holistic Well-Being Hub

Experience a variety of engaging activities at Justintime Socials, from social evenings to art sessions. These pursuits not only entertain but also contribute to mental stimulation, emotional fulfillment, and skill development, promoting overall well-being.

Revitalized Belonging

Justintime Socials is more than a care center; it's a place where participants rediscover a sense of belonging and purpose. This revitalized connection to a caring community significantly enhances happiness and satisfaction.